Another Wednesday night with the girls....this weeks theme is "My Favorite Things." I asked each of the girls to bring one of their favorite things (under $5 and in triplicate) to the party to share. After explaining why it was one of their favorite things, you chose 3 names and shared your item.
This is a great way to introduce new things and what is better than a recommendation from one of your girlfriends! My contribution to the party was E.L.F. is a great way to inexpensively experiment with new make-up colors and styles....everything is $1! So I put together a grab bag and 3 of the girls were able to choose 5 items.
Here is what I took home from the party...SELF Magazine, lip gloss, sharpies and local mango honey.
So it is time for the kiddos to head back to school - here are some cute ideas for them to share with their classmates and teachers!

For your teachers...

For your classmates:

Check out the details of this "Stock the Bar" Couple's Shower!
We recently threw a Stock the Bar Couple's Shower and each guest left with their own "Hangover "Kit"
I purchased the boxes from, made a bed of shredded black paper and place a mini bottle of vodka, mini Spicy Hot V8, Emergen-C and a roll of breath mints. Next to the favor boxes, I created a sign and framed it reading "Thanks for coming and ceelbrating with us tonight, we hope this kit takes off the bite."
Looking for something you can make at home - check out these adorable ideas!
It's the end of the school year and time to show your teachers how much you appreciate their hard work throughout the are some adorable ideas
This would be great to use as favors or decor at the airplane theme is a great idea for a birthday party or baby shower. 
The planes on the left were made from a stick of gum, 2 mints and a tootsie roll. The planes on the right were made from a Push Pop, stick of gum and 2 lifesavers. Both planes were secured with a rubber band.
I started with a Sweet Bread and just "dressed it up" into a hostess gift. Treating it as a gift, I wrapped the bread in a paper grocery bag. My girlfriend loves all natural products so I found a bamboo dish cloth and used twine to secure it around the bread. I cut a tag from the leftover grocery bag letting her know what was in the package. and lucky for me she wanted to open the package after lunch so we were able to enjoy the Blueberry Lemon Yogurt Bread together!

Full details for this amazing bridal shower under "EVENTS"

This is a great way to introduce Spring to your dining table! You can customize your centerpieces by using festive "chinese" boxes, glazed pots or even tea pots for a garden party. These herbs will liven up your table and you can have your guests take them home as favors.