This was a great event we put together! We rented a softball field, and added some flair to a typical kickball game by modifying the rules. A drink was to be in hand while playing so we supplied customized koozies to be used during the game and to be taken home as favors. Our friends enjoyed it so much that we are going to make it an annual game!
My goal of giving a gift or favor is that it is useful...cocktail napkins are a staple in my house - you never know when someone will stop by or drinks or appetizers. I think this is a great favor for a ladies happy hour, holiday party or even a garden party.
To "upgrade" your favor, instead of using themed paper napkins, purchase some nice cloth cocktail napkins and maybe monogram them. for each of your guests.
Here is another great idea from Martha Stewart for your next baby or wedding below for DIY instructions 

This adorable 6th Birthday Party was submitted by my friend, Jenny Lord. She did an amazing job carrying the Scooby Doo theme throughout the entire party!  I love her creative use of dog bowls on the "Scooby Snack" table!
 For more details on her themed menu, "mystery activities and their fun-filled "Doggie Bags"
 please click below