Here's a great way to "dress up" your plain white serving dish to match the theme or color scheme of your party - line the bottom of the dish with scrapbook paper!
I love this display - it is so interesting! You can look at it over and over again and always find a creative and delicious way to treat your guests.
Ever heard of a "Gender-Reveal" Party? More and more couples are wanting to involve their family and friends in the excitement of their baby-to-be's sex! Here are some creative ways to keep your guests involved in the guessing and have some pictures to remember this special time!
What an amazing way to share such a special part of your life and have the memories with your loved ones. At some point during the party, the gender will be revealed to are some great examples of how these happy couples found out whether to buy pink or blue:
This is a great example of a concept that can be adapted to any type of event with any theme!
One of the latest trends for parties is the photo booth. Whether you have rented a booth of your own or just set up and area with a camera...they are becoming more and more popular. It is a great way to create memories and you can send the photos home as favors or send them later with your thank you cards. It is an unexpected touch, your guests are sure to remember especially if you add props and customize them to the theme of your party. Here are some great examples:
I love these individual cups so that everyone gets a little "dip-dip" (as my 2 year old would say) with each veggie.

I love the way my friend, Dalise, labeled the mason jars for her party! The adults were able to write their names on the label, but the children were pre-written and had a colorful top with a fun straw!
A red Radio Flyer wagon is the symbol of everyone's childhood and I love how it is handed down from generation to generation. Whether it is old or new, it is a great display piece for birthday parties or baby showers. You can creatively use it to display food items on a buffet, favors for your guests, gifts from your guests or themed decor.

This is a great way to add some zing to your refreshing summer beverages! Infusing your ice cubes with flavor will be an unexpected surprise to your typical lemonade, water or iced tea! Here are some of my favorites: lemon, lime, fresh berries and mint leaves.
This would be great to use as favors or decor at the airplane theme is a great idea for a birthday party or baby shower. 
The planes on the left were made from a stick of gum, 2 mints and a tootsie roll. The planes on the right were made from a Push Pop, stick of gum and 2 lifesavers. Both planes were secured with a rubber band.