How about dressing up your cake pops with a beautiful sail for your next nautical party!
Here's a great way to "dress up" your plain white serving dish to match the theme or color scheme of your party - line the bottom of the dish with scrapbook paper!
Since having our BYOK beach party - I find kabobs to be my fav new party food. 
Here is my latest fascinating kabob - salad style!
Need some inspiration for this year's about these classic desserts with a twist!
Fill sweet strawberries with cream and top with a blueberry
Individual Apple Pies
These would be great additions to your buffet
Your favorite sandwich with festive flags
Star-shaped crescent rolls and sausage kabobs
A festive fruit salad
Poke a hole in your paper plate to attach your silverware and napkin with a red, white and blue ribbon or roll your silverware in your napkins
Here are some inexpensive centerpiece ideas plus they will keep the kids entertained all night
Red, white and blue inspired dessert tables