Check out the details of this "Stock the Bar" Couple's Shower!
We recently threw a Stock the Bar Couple's Shower and each guest left with their own "Hangover "Kit"
I purchased the boxes from, made a bed of shredded black paper and place a mini bottle of vodka, mini Spicy Hot V8, Emergen-C and a roll of breath mints. Next to the favor boxes, I created a sign and framed it reading "Thanks for coming and ceelbrating with us tonight, we hope this kit takes off the bite."
Looking for something you can make at home - check out these adorable ideas!
It's the end of the school year and time to show your teachers how much you appreciate their hard work throughout the are some adorable ideas
I love the way my friend, Dalise, labeled the mason jars for her party! The adults were able to write their names on the label, but the children were pre-written and had a colorful top with a fun straw!
A red Radio Flyer wagon is the symbol of everyone's childhood and I love how it is handed down from generation to generation. Whether it is old or new, it is a great display piece for birthday parties or baby showers. You can creatively use it to display food items on a buffet, favors for your guests, gifts from your guests or themed decor.

This is a great way to add some zing to your refreshing summer beverages! Infusing your ice cubes with flavor will be an unexpected surprise to your typical lemonade, water or iced tea! Here are some of my favorites: lemon, lime, fresh berries and mint leaves.
This would be great to use as favors or decor at the airplane theme is a great idea for a birthday party or baby shower. 
The planes on the left were made from a stick of gum, 2 mints and a tootsie roll. The planes on the right were made from a Push Pop, stick of gum and 2 lifesavers. Both planes were secured with a rubber band.
This is such an easy and inexpensive way to decorate for any party! Click here for step by step directions on making your own tissue paper pom poms! 

Here is some inspiration for your next party!